The first puppy birth

The first puppy birth

First Peppa’s (PARADISE Yakuza-Gdy) puppies have 17 days now, so it’s high time to write a few words about my observations regarding puppy birth.

We did it!

In the first day of my puppies life, it came to me that their birth was the fulfillment of my gratest dream –  having my own kennel. It’s not another, stupid “I’m happy” . Indeed, for the last 11 years, my every choice and steps of life has led me to my great purpose, which was the creation of my own kennel – Paradise Spirit. It wasn’t just a dream, it was my destination. A few hours after their birth, when I was sitting close to these little beauties, I realized that I had finally succeeded. My first Paradise Spirit puppies are on this world!
“We did it!”

The first birth

Paradise pregnancy was a confrontation of my theoretical knowledge with practice – it was a test for me. Many people (who’s not be a breeders) said to me:  Why are you so stressed? So many mongrels in the villages give birth to puppies alone and somehow there are no complications!” 

Knowledge based on single observations is no knowledge. I talked to many of my friends breeders and hence I know how many complications can occur during a puppies birth. Besides, I grew up in the village. It’s not true that mongrels always born puppies without complications. The sad truth is that in case of complications, nobody cares. So I knew the dangers, and at the same time I tried to stay calm. And be in positive stand of mind.

Better save than sorry

Because better safe than sorry, I was remain on alert. I had phone number to my Veterinarian, to my best breeder friends and to my cynologian mother-in-law – Mrs Grzegorzewicz. Sometimes the phone was getting hot. Thank them for the inquiries and the vigilance and for all the advices. Their experience is a great power. I was surprised by the amount of interested and positive cheering. For this also thank them.

Do not disappoint the trust.


The boxer – personified dog. 

I have the impression that a boxer is a dog deeply more domestic than other breeds. I also observed it during the puppies birth. My boxer girl – Paradise, who give birth for the first time, instead of trusting her own instinct, was looked for help in… me! I saw something like this for the first time in my life. Every kennel and veterinary book says that bitches that are close to give birth need peace, quiet and a secluded place without people. Sorry, not a boxer girl. During the cramps, she tried to get on my knees!
Every day with boxer show me, that this breed is such a closer human than dog. That extremely situation – puppy birth – was another example of this theory. So I had a little scared child in dogs body, who really trust me. And my mission was – do not disappoint this trust.

When should to let go

I fought very hard for the natural solution of pregnancy. The first steps began on Thursday 04-05-2017 at night. On Friday morning Paradise’s body temperature dropped to 36.5st. It’s the proof of the readiness to puppybirth – the bitch is ready and waiting for puppies response. The contractions didn’t leave us, but the show left on Saturday morning (04:00). That meant another sleepless night by panic Peppa. So coffee for coffee, eyes like an owl and to the work! Approx. At 01:00 p.m., her water broke, clean. The cramps changed into partal pains. At first everything was going well, but at 04:00 p.m.  partal pains had weakened and even oxytocin doesn’t help. Peppa was really tired. During the transport of Peppa to the car I had a quick consultation with veterinarian and my friends. They’re all unanimous that the best way in this situation was Caesarean . I felt a little broken that I couldn’t help my baby girl. But I threw aside my Wounded ambition, I had to save the my puppies!


There was an ultrasound confirming pregnancy, then x-rays, because I wanted so much to know whether I should afraid of a huge number of puppies or sleep peacefully. Both said “there are 4, maybe 5 puppies”. My veterinarian took out the puppies and I  with the help of Kamil Kozioł, who also got into the assistant, was helping this little beauties to catch their first breath. I got lost.

-“wait the minute… one, two, three …. five. That’s all?” – I asked.

– “Nooooo ….” – my veterinarian said and then I was handed another TWO little puppies!

We laughed that these two white girls are stowaways. But it’s cool that they are! 🙂

SEVEN puppies, all sized. SEVEN puppies, all sizes. Even if the first puppy would born naturally, there was no chance that my bitch would give birth to all puppies with this physiology of birth. Weighed between 450 and 515 grams.

Chickens from promotion from the market?

I was afraid of Peppa’s first reaction to the puppies. In her memory was only “hurt”, “I go to sleep”, “I wake up, and I see chickens from the market”. She began to wake up on the way to home, but she was not fully aware when I laid her in the farrowing pen. She fell asleep, and her puppies start eating. She woke up after two hours at 00:30. I guess for a moment she really hesitated whether they’re not a promotional chickens from the market sale that her mom brought? She sniffed them with surprised, but didn’t lick. All night, after each feeding, tummy massage belonged to me. Third night without sleep, hardcore – eleven coffee?

I thought – “Nice, that’s mean cleaning it also will be for me“.

Night passed me on weighing puppies, babies hygiene, intensive feeding and drinking Peppa (I cooked a special broth for her about 1:00 am.), and taking her on the outsite for a pee. Every one-and-a-half hours I was alarmed on my phone to watch my puppy feeding.

Next morning it’s no longer just rise & shine – It’s rise from the dead.

Not such a terrible Caesarean as they write it. 

What I was most afraid was:

A) lack of awareness at Peppa what happened. It’s just cruel, not to be aware of motherhood.

B) lack of lactation. It would be a nightmare.

C) lack of protective instincts for puppies. It would be a nightmare x2.

But the darkest scenarios didn’t work out. Maternal instinct is working!

Peppa had a lot of milk for 3 days before puppybirth. Frequent puppy feeding, intensive watering and feeding maintained good lactation. In the morning, all her maternal instincts were blown up. She massaged puppies tummy, cleaned up the puppies pooh, and when one of them was squeaking, she looked at him terrified and squeaked with him! Amazing. 🙂 She was extremely attentive while moving between them.

“Ufff … there is hope!” 

Puppies are growing up exemplary. Peppa still cares for them, and I’ve even a little sleepy. Maybe the birth itself didn’t look like I planned it, but everything that goes after are pretty smooth.

And keep on it 🙂


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