Paradise Yakuza-Gdy BEST VETERAN on Polish Boxer Club Show (Jahressieger) 2022 !

Paradise Yakuza-Gdy BEST VETERAN on Polish Boxer Club Show (Jahressieger) 2022 !

PARADISE Yakuza-Gdy – VETERAN CLUB WINNER & BEST VETERAN on Polish Boxer Club Show 2022 (Jahressieger) and THE OLDEST Boxer in Show!
Trophy created by Arte Perruno – unique dogs sculptures

The crown for our queen

We got it! – our 9-year-old “Peppa” PARADISE Yakuza-Gdy won Veteran Club Winner and Best Veteran of the Boxer Club Show in Poland 2022!
She was also honored as the oldest boxer Club Show!

A beautiful crown for our queen!

I’m so excited – Paradise is the female-mother of my kennel, she’s the pillar on which everything is based.
And because “blood is not water”, it’s important to me that the genetic material on which I work is of the highest quality.
I placed a bet for her – 9 years ago – like a gambler – but it was just my pure intuition.

Now I have a dog kennel based on a female who looks like a young boxer at the age of 9, in great condition, without any gray hair. In addition, she presents a cheerful and nice “puppy character”, unchanged for 9 years. She’s still in good health and hopefully as long as possible, because I cannot imagine the world without her – despite the fact that her breeding “career” is over and from the large kennel point of view – she is “not profitable”.
But for my home kennel – the veterans are the biggest stars, close to my heart no less than young & beautiful dogs.

Judges at this year’s Polish Boxer Club Show was: Anna Bogucka (PL) and Nicole Runge (DE)

Titan & Glamour

I also presented Titan and Glamour, but the yougsters were not so lucky this time.
Folio Verso TITAN took 2nd place with excellent grade in the open class of brindle dogs, while GLAMOUR Paradise Spirit took 4th place with excellent grade in the open class of brindle females.

I’m glad that Titan finally showed up, because hardly anyone was able to get to know him, if he was based on Titan’s look from a year ago. 😅And thank you for so many nice compliments towards our boy. Indeed, he has changed a lot, but I said from the beginning that this dog is still growing up.
Now is his time. 👑

When I look on him I can see his grandfather Ippolito Del Cole Dell Infinito. 😍
“Blood is no water”…

After all, I’m very happy with the results of this year’s Boxer Club Show.
Peppa definitely deserved her new title. We celebrate each another day spent together, because we never know how many days we have left … 🙁

These are the charms of old age. Many of Paradise’s peers have already passed away from this world. It scares me!

Meanwhile, my youthers – they’ve still time.

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