Boxer bodybuild transformation

Boxer bodybuild transformation

Poland Winner ’21 Folio Verso TITAN “Ivan”

Is it the same dog? 🤔
“oh, why is he so skinny?” – a question that was rightly asked when Ivan was 1-1.5 years old, although I have to admit that it”s quite strange to hear it from another breeder. 🤔
The breeder should know from experience how boxer dog evolving. And I think most know very well, but they nonetheless like to ask lound questions to sows confusion.

Not all dogs growing up the same way

There are boxers that mature very proportionately, like my Glamour.

GLAMOUR Paradise Spirit

Nevertheless, the vast majority of boxers mature in leaps and bounds, very intensively, and the changes that are visible in the next stages resemble the butterfly transformation.
And this is typical for molossers, especially in Europe, where muscles are the quintessence of this group of dog breeds.
A boxer in the age 1 year olds can be delightful, but the same boxer in 2 years old will look completely different, even more beautiful in my opinion!
A funny anecdote is the story of our friend who met my Paradise “Peppa” first time when she was one year old – she was then a beautiful, slender boxer, with ribs on top.
When our friend came to visit us a year later, his reaction to seeing Peppa was pretty funny – he jumped up, his eyes widened and he shouted “Jesus Christ, what happened to her?!” – we had to explain that we don’t give her any steroids, that’s just how the muscles of a fully mature, active boxer at the age of 2 look like. 🤣🙈💪👌

And in the photos below, a similar situation with my beloved Titano – is he the same dog? There is a space of only 8 months between one and the other photo … There’s a gap between them, isn’t?
It looks quite a bit like comparing an AKC boxer to an FCI boxer (excluding the head from this discussion, because it was beautifully European type from the very beginning!) – however, this is the same dog!

In conclusion, I want to add that in my opinion, each stage of the boxer’s evolution is beautiful and admirable.
Some people expect that young boxer to look like an adult.
Well … it’s their stupidity.

It was never my intention to hide the young Titano, so that naive eyes might think that he was immediately born as an adult male!
I know that some breeders play this way to avoid stupid rumors.

But I don’t care about stupid rumors. Who has eyes and who has the sense of breeding, knows what he is looking at!

Every dog takes time to grow up.
And I am one of those breeders who celebrate each of these stages of growing up. 😉

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