What you can find here?


I’m so happy that you’re here! I’m trying to find some more free time to give you a little of this things, which I have on my head. I’m doing… so many things in the same time. World is so fascinating and life is so short. Anyway, everything I do – I do with dog. Or the other way – everything I do have cynology context. When I thinking about cynology I wanna say – it’s so amazing wide term like ocean is. So many components built this term. How many things you could do with a dog context? Haha… time will show us, how many category I’ll create on this blog.
One what I can promise you, if you looking for lot of dogz thinks – here you can find em all! 🙂

P.S. Also you could find here… some incorrect (really suck) english, cause everything I’m trying translate by myself. In this time (2016) I spoke with true Britishman only by three days in my whole life – so ha! 😀 It’s really hardcore for me… – so if your english is better just try forgive me. I’m really falling in love with this language, but I still not perfectly.
Just have fun! 🙂