About Author

The author of this blog is Patrycja Kryszkiewicz.paradise-spirit

“Dog Mom” since birth. Dog Handler – take her experience on dog shows since she was sixteen, working with her dogs and her friends dogs. Although she’s believed that the greatest wealth of cynology knowledge are the other breeders belonging to clubs affiliated to the F.C.I. (In Europe, the equivalent in the US is AKC, for Britain TKC), she also undertook studies of Breeding and Protection Wild and Companion Animals on Warsaw University of Life Sciences, which in 2016 was completed. She had written science publication “Dog nutrition (Canis lupus familiaris) – impact of domestication on food preferences and digestive capacity” and defended her Engineer’s thesis. Now she is Engineer of Animal Breeding (*bachelor of science title? translation of science titles from polish to other language is complicated…)..

In cynology the most fascinated for her are genetics purebred dogs and breeding selection, which are the main tool for extracting to light the amazing features of the dogs morphology and the behaviour, dormant somewhere in the recesses of the double helix of DNA … .

Privately she’s busy mom of two boys and she looking for gaps in the space to be more active in the Warsaw branch of the Polish Kennel Club. Purebred dogs are her passion and she doesn’t like calling it “hobby”. How she say, the dogs breeding is not a hobby, is whole life of breeder.
In 2016 officially the owner of the “Paradise Spirit” kennel registered in F.C.I.

Some people say, that she has a nice personality. 🙂