2 New Champions in Paradise Spirit kennel !:)

2 New Champions in Paradise Spirit kennel !:)

Ch. PL GLAMOUR Paradise Spirit & Ch. PL, Poland Winner ’21 Folio Verso TITAN

On March 4 and 5 2023, two DUO Prestige Cup dog shows were held in Rydzyna, organized by the ZKwP Leszno, where Glamor and Titan won further CWC (CAC), finally winning the titles of Polish Champion.

The dog shows were organized in the fabulous scenery of the beautiful castle in Rydzyna, but due to the aura prevailing in Poland around the beginning of March, it was the most hardcore show we’ve been to. Strong wind blowing the tents, rain on Saturday, snow on Sunday, temperature around 0 degrees Celsius … it’s good that our suffering was not in vain.

In addition, we have a photo and video report from this dog shows. 🙂

Champion of Poland, Poland Winner ’21 Folio Verso TITAN


Champion of Poland Glamour Paradise Spirit


Pretty girls walk like this… Absolutely Glamour style 🤩 🏆Ch. PL 💎GLAMOUR Paradise Spirit💎 (NOISEMAKER Do Vale Do Lethes 🇵🇹 x PARADISE Yakuza-Gdy 🇵🇱) ⚕️ HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, HZ 0, patella 0, spondylosis 0 #paradisespiritkennel #boxer #FCI #ZKwP #purebred #glamour #beauty #puppy #boxertiktok #boxeroftiktok #boxerlovers #boxerlove #boxerworld #boxeroftheday #boxerpuppy #boxerplanet #boxerlife #boxerchampion #boxerdaily #boxermom

♬ All the Pretty Girls Walk Like This – JW Velly

This is how Glamor Paradise Spirit and Folio Verso Titan presented themselves.

And soon we expect puppies from this champion couple… more information soon.

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