EURO DOG SHOW 2018 in Poland – coming soon!

EURO DOG SHOW 2018 in Poland – coming soon!

The biggest cynologian event in Poland and Europe in 2018 is just around a corner – EURO DOG SHOW 2018!
It’s a golden opportunity to see a thousands of dogs of hundreds different breeds from whole Europe. Very important event for every dogs lover.

The show is located in the heart of Poland, near Warsaw, in PTAK EXPO .

For those who haven’t seen our beautiful capital city yet, I recommend seesiting of Warsaw. 🙂

20 000 of dogs!

Expected number of entries of dogs was 20 000, so there will be something to look at.

For example, only entries of French bulldogs on the Euro Dog Show is as many as 282!

In the young class with my “Zośka” ZOOLA Amazing Team we will have 51 bulldogs and this is the stronger class of french bulldogs in this show!

However, not every dogs breeds will have well represented like french bulldogs.
The boxers in this show we’ll have only 45, and I’m under the impression that the boxers breeders leave off this show… .

Paradise Spirit Team

Our Paradise Spirit Team will represented by EUPHORIA Paradise Spirit (boxer in young class) and ZOOLA Amazing Team (french bulldog in young class). Keep your fingers crossed for us! But, the truth is, not the win is the most important on this event – lots of friends and wonderful dogs that we can see bring us great joy!

The Polish Breeds promotion

Looking at the cynological achievements of countries such as Germany, France or Great Britain, Poland could fall into complexes, but let us remember – Bolshevik violence was directed to everything that is aristocratic, that mean to pure breeds dogs in Poland also.

We have 5 breeds of dogs nowadays: Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Tatra Sheepdog, Polish Hound, Polish Hunting Dog and Polish Greyhound. Two of this last breeds was recreated from scratch. Polish Hunting Dog is the youngest of all polish breeds, considered by FCI in 2006.

This is EURO DOG SHOW 2018 promotional spot – must see it! 🙂

The 80th anniversary of the existence of the Kennel Club in Poland

By the way of such a great cynologian event as EURO DOG SHOW, Poland proudly celebrates the 80th anniversary of the existence of the Kennel Club in Poland (pl. Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce).On this occasion, the event accompanying the EURO DOG SHOW will be the Jubilee Dog Show of the 80th Anniversary of the Kennel Club in Poland, during which the Members with the longest internship of the club and with a significant contribution to polish cynology will be honored by the Association.

For all watcher and handlers – see you soon on the EURO DOG SHOW 2018!

Paradise Spirit Kennel