Socialization of the puppy in a kennel – what good beginnings look like

Socialization of the puppy in a kennel – what good beginnings look like

And also: stupid advices on a facebook’s groups and ubiquitous cunning…

The inspiration for writing this article are people who contacting with me about puppies. They outdid themselves in this year.

I don’t want offend anyone and this article isn’t intended to ridicule anyone.
But I have to, I just MUST explain and expose to you all, Dear Readers, how the correct socialization of puppies by the Breeder look like.

It will also about what you can expect of few days old puppies and what you can’t.
Hold on tight .

About stupid advices on a facebook’s groups

I wrote once about stupid advice on facebook “kyno” groups.
I experience first hand, really hard way, how much damage in some people heads makes “good advices” from support groups on facebook.

– Hello? Good morning, I’m looking for a dog.
– Good morning. And w
hat dog are you looking for? Maybe let’s start with whether have you breeding / exhibition plans or not?
– Hmmm… I don’t have, but … maybe I will. It’s supposed to be the best one, the biggest in the litter necessarily! Oh! And what behavior he demonstrating?
– Excuse me?
– Well, in relation to a mother and puppies? Because it’s supposed to have a strong character. Well, I thought about this X, but in these photos on your gallery I can’t see anything. Please, send me such better head shots, I’d like to see him in the statics.
– Please…, my puppies have TWO DAYS. They’re blind, deaf and don’t walk. The only thing you can see now is a colour of a coat and it’s also will change a little bit by time… .

You can laugh. After another phone like this in a row I can’t laugh by it anymore!

This people had read so many stupid things on the facebook, that now think that they’re smarter than really are.

The lights on, but nobody’s home?

Two years ago, when I was selling my litter “E”, I hadn’t any strange conversation like this above, because facebook “kynological” groups weren’t so popular.

Listen, just for the sake of clarity – not every breeder is a con man who surely want to palm his puppy off on you!

There are also breeders like me who very carefully choose the right puppy for the right family.

And who are honest – if the dog has a show defect – I’m talking about it. That’s why I’m asking about for eg. the dog’s destiny.

And the next one – I don’t like cunning. And recently I come across people who:
They would like buy the Top Show dog, but pay like for pets.
They won’t show his dog in the future and the dog will never be a stud dog, but in the case that the balls don’t go down they want a refund.”

Oh no! Let’s respect each other, OK?

  • If you are looking for a beautiful pet dog – ask for a beautiful pet dog.
  • If you don’t know what are you looking for and what dog will be right for you – tell me about it and tell something more about yourself and how you imagine life with your dog – and I will tell you if I will have a dog for you.
  • If you are looking for a dog for shows, but you are just starting an adventure – That’s great! I’ll be happy to help you!
  • If you are a Breeder – I don’t have to teach you, because you know how to behave … (as a rule).

And it should be HONEST.
I’m a sincere person, but not stupid. I don’t cooperate with Hustlers and I won’t sell my dogs ​​to such people.

Who asks not err. But how to ask correctly – it’s an art.

In nowadays many people have objections to the behaviour of puppies. Not to my puppies, but generally.
If the puppy would be shy…. If it would be afraid of everything.”

One can ask, in the end, it is better to ask than to err.
But when someone asks – it means that he isn’t sure. For me it would mean that I’m asking with humbleness – “How is it work?”
Meanwhile, incredible personalities are pounding at me through the door and windows:

What behavior the puppy demonstrating? I expect that puppy would have this or that …

And what is the supposed to be a character of a puppy who has just opened his eyes – a dozy ?

Puppies at this age just eat, take a dump and sleep. THATS ALL.
From last 3 days (literally), my puppies present their first social behaviors.

You may not know. You can also ask.
Really – pretends to be a very well read, after reading a few tips on the FB group, it creates only a bad impression of this people.

It’s nice when you know that you don’t know and you ask.
It’s not nice when at the outset the conversation you have critical remarks to me that I have “poor photos and so blend”, or “puppies on video aren’t very active”.

Seriously? When you find 3 weeks old puppies running on agility track – let me know!

I must tell that in this year some people phone to me were a suspicious about me.
Damn! I don’t keep my puppies in the dark basement, so why they should be afraid of everything?!

It’s a good practice to first check the breeder which you are calling before you call.

Please say – which puppy farm, keeps his puppies for the first 4 weeks old in the living room, so that the developing puppies were full of social with people?

But how exactly socialization of puppies should look and what it gives?

Socialization of puppies in a kennel

A breeder, such a real one, take care of puppies from the first days.

It is best if puppies in the first month of life, when they start to get the first auditory and visual stimuli, have a full contact with the “life of people”.

The old school says – “avoid the noise when the puppies develops hearing (between 2-3 weeks of life), because it can get scared them.

Bullshit! There is nothing worse than this “wrapping puppies in cotton wool” and isolating them from everything.
The puppies growing up in isolation from everyday noise like vacuum cleaner, tv, running children – are grows to an antisocial ones.
Just like these “basements dogs”!

That’s why my puppies are growing up in the very center of everyday life – in the living room. They watch every day how I vacuum, listen to TV with us and play with my children.

There is NO BETTER start way that you can give as a breeder to your puppies!

This stage of growing can be broken down into prime factors and buzzed like “behaviorists” about the “Golden 12” principle, etc., where every step of breeding life is a point, like for eg. “everyday taking puppy on hands by people”.
Yes, you can make a religion out of it and running with a notebook.

You can also quite healthy-mindedly approach this – because it’s impossible don’t take a puppy in your hands, when you take care by them everyday! This is breeders everyday life.
Variable background, contact with water, another people and children, other dogs, noise – is the healthy everyday life of every dog.

Puppies at home = wonderful start and great care Breeders, 24h/day. That’s why my kennel and kennels like mine are called as “home kennel”.

So if you are afraid of poor socialization of puppies, check beforehand what kind of kennel leads the breeder which you are calling (you can, for example, check the photo galleries on the website or facebook).

Simply, right?

In this way, you will avoid rude presumptions and overinterpretation, that any behavior of a puppy, testifies to its poor socialization.

Puppies after 4 weeks old needs space. Especially if it’s 8 boxers, not 2 chihuahuas.
Therefore, at a later stage of their growing, I relocate my puppies to a room with a simply walkway to the garden.

We spend time on playing in the garden and it’s a good time to observation a puppies behaves.

Now I can observe the characters predisposition of the puppies – so that what is everyone are so interested about. Or rather predispositions to be submissiveness or domination. This features can be observed only around 6 weeks old.

Previous scuffles bethween a puppies are only the expansion of social behavior, but not necessarily a predispositions.

And now, surprise! – I DO NOT SELL a dominating dog to people who will have their first dog ever or those who are looking for a calm family dog. Because I don’t want to harm the people and the dog.
Really – I’m a thinking person, not a cheater.

It’s really unfair for me that some people take in advance – that I certainly want to sell them my puppies in any way and anyhow.

If they’re think that – they’re barking up the wrong tree!

Sometimes, I really don’t have any words … this approach knocks me out.

And REMEMBER – a submissive dog is NOT a timid dog.

Puppies after such good start like they have at my kennel, will never go to new homes shy, afraid of people and the world.
They will be cheerful, joyful and trusting.

I’ll inform their new owners about their predispositions to give them tips for further socialization work.

Because in the breeder home – this is just the introduction – stage I.

Now their fate lies in your hands.

A puppy between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks encodes everything like a young chick during imprinting – it’s the perfect time to strengthen the behaviors you want to keep and to quench the negative ones!

ATTENTION! Any incidents with a bitten by a foreign dog during this period will also leave a permanent mark on the puppy’s psyche.

In turn, after 12 weeks old, we have a period when the puppy begins to be suspicious of new things. He can “invent” new fears – and it is your role to lead the puppy through this period, eliminating fears and strengthening self-confidence.
Daily obedience training works wonders!

In conclusion

Don’t assume in advance that the Breeder, to whom you’re calling is a cheater – what’s the point of calling?
Before you call, think about what dog you are looking for.
Before you make the phone call, it would be worth looking at the gallery of puppies – photos of my puppies I share EVERYWHERE!

I’m surprised that some don’t even check who they are calling. All the more so in the age of the Internet, social media, you get everything handed on a gold platter!

It turns out that for someones even if handed on a gold platter, it’s also difficult to take it. 😉

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