Folio Verso TITAN “Ivan”



Folio Verso TITAN “Ivan”

Born 13.02.2020

F: Mar’Russia LEADER
(Black Joy BOXE IDOL x Jure Divino SHELBY)

M: Folio Verso GALA
( THE SHOW MUST GO ON Di Casa Vernice)

Grandson of : Ippolito & Ago del Cole Dell Infinito, Mito do Vale Do Lethes, Geo Boxer del Euro, Daniela D’Jandila and more 😍

Breeder: Elena Belyaeva, Folio Verso kennel
Owner: Patrycja Kryszkiewicz, Paradise Spirit kennel


Ivan is a fire-forged boxer dog based on the breed standard – word for word!
Here is an excerpt from the Boxer Breed Standard No. 144 FCI:

The Boxer should be fearless
self-confident, calm and equable. Temperament is of the utmost
importance and requires careful attention. Devotion and loyalty
towards his master and his entire household, his watchfulness and
self-assured courage as a defender are famous. He is harmless with
his family but distrustful of strangers. Happy and friendly in play,
yet fearless in a serious situation.”

Anyone who attends dog shows and observes boxers knows how frighteningly rare it is to meet a calm, composed and balanced boxer. To be honest, until I met my Ivan, I was absolutely convinced that such boxers do not exist.
But – yet it exist!

This is what our Titan is like – a calm, composed, incredibly balanced dog, friendly towards the environment, but distrustful about strangers in the yard, whom he checks closely.
He is the embodiment of a dream dog to whom wouldn’t like to add or subtract anything.
Just a pure perfection.


My beautiful boxer champion 🏆Champion of Poland 🏆🇵🇱 Poland Winner’21 💎Folio Verso TITAN “Ivan” 💎 On Duo Prestige Cup National Dog Show, Leszno – Rydzyna, Poland 🇵🇱, 05.03.2023 Video production : Fokus Art Kuba Dąbrowski ❤️ #boxertiktok #boxeroftiktok #boxeroftheday #boxerpuppy #boxerplanet #boxerlife #boxerchampion #boxerdaily #boxermom #titan #polandwinner #perfectboxer #studdog #paradisespiritkennel

♬ ÇA FLINGUE – Papish Squa


Health results :

HZ – 0
HD – A
ED – 0/0
OCD – 0/0
Spondylosis – 0
Patella 0/0


Poland Winner 2021 & Best of Breed (BOB)