Titan -Poland Winner 2021!!!

On 14 November 2021 in Poznań was held the International Dog Show “Poland Winner”.

After a veeery long break caused by the pandemic, I decided it was high time to take my youngsters to the indoor dog show. For Titan it was an indoor debut, for Glamor – too, you can say, because the last time she was at (her first and last until then) indoor show, when she was only a few months old, still in puppy class.

So we went to the flow – dogs completely unfamiliar with the large expo halls atmosphere, generally affected by pandemic socialization deficiencies … and yet! They both did a great job!
And they were deserved for a medal, not just any, both for GOLDEN !!!


Glamor was showed to open class as an adult, two and a half years old female. She was a little stressed out in the hall, but still she showed up as charming as she can – winning 1st place, gold medal and her first application for a polish champion (CWC)!

Titanushka Ivan

Ivan, on the other hand, was presented for the first time in the intermediate class as almost an adult male. I made it a point of honor to present him as best as possible, never mind the results.
But this time, this dog show belonged to us …!

The Titanushka presented by me won the first place in the intermediate class, gold medal, CWC application, and in the final comparison he won BOB and the title POLISH WINNER 2021 !!!

My beautiful Titano fully deserved for that and I am very happy that he was appreciated.
Both with Glamour rose to the occasion and despite such a long break in the dog shows and the lack of familiarity, they presented themselves gracefully, charming and returned with honors.

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